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this is a short intro into this new blog i am creating.  most of you know that i have moved, yet, once again.  one of the joys i have in life is decorating and design.  

unfortunately, as a renter once again, i am severly limited in what is allowed...

so, that is where i shall begin :)

all my projects...from the conception, to the design, the use for it, and the final product will be shared here in this blog.

i hope that you will join me in these adventures...and maybe get a little creative yourself and share with me your talent :)

this blog will consist of home improvement/design/DIY/ crafts/ and anything else i care to make with my own two little

my first project i will be undertaking will be a faux backplash for the wall behind my stove, as well as the top of the counter to match and bring color to the plain white kitchen.  this will be made of tile upon a wood backing.  i will start with plain white tiles and mod podge my design directly onto the tiles.  then i will nail 1/8 or 1/16 particle board onto the wall with finishing nails.  after that, i will glue the tiles to the wood, let dry, and apply grout as usual.

a faux backsplash :)

i will then cover the rest of the kitchen with tiles in the same manner above the countertops.

i will be using:

3.5x3.5 inch white tiles (approx 50 tiles total) *numbers to change when i get actual dimensions

mod podge

image(s)  i will be using two...rooster & sunflower...alternating their pattern

1/8 or 1/16 particle (or ply) wood

finishing nails


i will be posting images and dimensions at a later date :)


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